About the APN Resource Network

Welcome to the New Adoptive Parents Network Resources connection! This is an interactive area where members will be able to find important information and resources including such things as:

Website Information about the adoption process
Website Information for Federal and State regulations, contacts and information.
Services for Families including post adoption support, regional and local support groups, therapy, and mental health services.

Like most other services and tools offered this resource section is an interactive feature and members are encouraged to add what they have to share with the other members of the Network.

Please feel free to add your resources to the Adoptive Parents Network here by leaving a comment. Or you may want to add a Link to our Resource Link List. There are also links on the Forum for each State which can be used to post Support Group Meeting notices, trainings or services offered in your state or local area.

As this section grows our members will find it simple to share the resources they have found with each other as well as find the information they are looking for with Ease!

Please check back often as this part of APN is just starting to grow!

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