The mission of is simple: Recruit and connect foster and adoptive families with waiting children throughout the United States.

AdoptUsKids works hard to offer Training & Technical Assistance

By participating in the National Training and Technical Assistance Network
Consultation which addresses States’ and Tribes’ priority issues as they relate to recruitment and retention.

The and websites feature:

  • National photo listing of children waiting in foster care for adoptive families.

  • Information about foster care and adoption issues for families, professionals and the media.

  • With thousands United States adoptive families licensed, and registered as members of the website.

Answering the Call Publications

AdoptUsKids promotes a National Recruitment multi-media campaign designed to recruit families for waiting children including a public relations outreach Recruitment Response Teams in every state to respond to prospective foster and adoptive families

A Parent Respite Program offering an annual mini-grant award to parent support groups and the development of national respite model to support foster and adoptive families.

The website is a tool used to connect foster and adoptive families with waiting children throughout the United States. Adoptive parents with a completed and certified home study can register and participate on the Free site as well as foster adoption professionals.

Interested Adoptive Families who do not have a home study are referred to the RRT registration where an adoption specialist from their state will be able to help guide them through the adoption process.

When families register as approved home study certified they are asked to provide a profile including adoption preferences, and a written narrative about their family. All of this information is confidential and can only be viewed by registered professionals.

Once the registration process is complete interested adoptive families have access to several useful features including personalized search, note keeping, list building, and the ability to notify a case manager about a specific child or sibling group. Photos and profiles of the children are supplied by the child’s case manager or agency.

Foster-adoption professionals register with website and have the ability to list child cases for viewing by potential adoptive families from all over the United States. The member caseworkers are also able to search for families in order to find the best placement match for a child they may be trying to place. The member professionals have access to potential adoptive parents contact information including the family’s caseworker and adoption agency.

If you are interested or in the process of adopting a child from the United States foster care system this resource is one to consider taking the steps to become a registered member of in order to have access to waiting children from not only your own state but, any state in the US.

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