Trying Differently Rather Than Harder By Diane Malbin, MSW was the piece of information we needed in order to recognize our daughter's true issues and understand that trying harder wasn't going to be what would make the difference.

I originally received a copy of the booklet Trying Differently Rather Than Harder from the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center. I overlooked the nice little booklet for sometime as we faced our daughter's issue believing it was all about Reactive Attachment Disorder -- RAD. When I did open it and read it--everything fell right into place and we started new journey--trying differently rather than harder.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Consultation, Education and Training Services, Inc.-- FASCETS.org

Provides An Alternative Paradigm for Understanding Behaviors

FASCETS offers Services Designed to:

  • Increase understanding

  • build on strengths

  • Expand options for developing effective parenting and professional techniques

  • Enhance existing programs and support the development of new programs.

With the short term goals include:

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Reduced frustration

  • And attainment of improved outcomes, including burnout prevention in professionals.

With the long term goal of FASCETS work to contribute to the prevention of FASD.

FASCETS supports the development of a family-centered, community-based, multidisciplinary continuum of care. This collaborative design has been found to be effective in enhancing communication among parents and professionals for their mutual benefit.

Two of my favorite links on the FASCETS.org website are:

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