Invisible FASD

The Invisible Children and Families of FASD

This is a great series of videos on YouTube

Part 1: Discover, Denial, and Dedication

Part 2: Symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder including:

  • Behvaiors

  • Disability

  • Spectrum

  • Facial Features

Part 3: Invisible and misunderstood by:

  • Doctors

  • Schools

  • County Mental Health

  • Social Workers

  • Society

With visible costs to:

  • Society

  • Schools

  • Criminal

  • Mental Health and

  • Justice systems

Foster and Adoptive parents may actually be told, "you should give the child back" but, many of us just don't give up....

Part 4: If Only the Schools would Understand...

Part 5: The System of Services...

Part 6: Getting Help


anosmii said...

Thank you, and to everyone who comes across this, it's really more serious than you think. The child will also have developmental problems, speech and the whole 9. PLEASE DON'T DRINK OR DO DRUGS WHILE YOUR PREGGOS!!!!

Lee said...

I don't know much about the syndrome but just wanted to thank all the folks who take the time to foster children..really a great thing you do.

Strong Moderate said...

Very important. I'd like to thank you for bringing up this disorder and educating people about it. It just goes to show that being a responsible parent begins at the moment of conception. Once you decide to engage in acts that may produce a child you have bought into the responsibility of adulthood.

Shakti Singh Dulawat said...

Thank you, for showing this detail.
we must save out world from drugs
then we can bring a happy and peaceful life in world.

Rogue said...

this is wonderful. This post is a great awakener. Parents should be disciplinesd too, to be responsible and lovin (the latter is difficult to impose though).

Your post has indeed a great cause.