No Child Left Behind, but don't wait too long!

It's that time of the year again! Where children start school, teachers see little problems, parents wonder about little problems and everyone waits to see how things will go?

If your child has any special needs or learning issues that are concerning at all waiting to see how things go could just mean your child doesn't receive special services until Next Year.

We all want to hope our children can shake off the summer and do well in school. The truth is that without all the Red-Tape, hoops and mandates what could be a simple delay or mild disability today won't matter until the "Paper" with the order to "CARE" is written, witnessed and documented by all parties involved.

School isn't like it was when we were children. Heck, it isn't even like it was when my older children were in grade school during the 1990's. Due to the fact that mandates have been made, funding connected and jobs for administrators created the only way a Teacher can CARE about a students needs is to have a Legal Document.

Without that special paper waiting to see how a child does is like expecting one pig to wait for another. If there is Any Question in your mind right now about a child who may need some special education services then NOW is the time to request the evaluations... In Writing.

It's time to request an evaluation for an Individual Education Plan if your child is at any risk of needing special education services. Stay tuned to the Adoptive Parents Network for new resources and information about Education this week!

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