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Homes4Good Texas Foster Adoption Resource Homes4Good is a wonderful resource for Texas families or to be more accurate Texas foster children waiting to be adopted.

Homes4Good is a private Non-Profit with a Mission to:

  • Secure “forever families” for every child we place. In order to accomplish this, we are committed to do “whatever it takes” to assure both the child and family, receive all the services necessary to make the placement a success. Our focus is on the children in care and custody of the state of Texas.

Homes4Good offers a wide range of Adoption Services including training and matching. Homes4Good searches for children needing adoptive homes from all regions in the state of Texas and sharing home studies in an effort to assist in selection of a family for a particular child. Homes4Good does not assist families with exploring adoption registries. Families are free to explore these registries on their own and if they become aware of a child that is not available to be placed by Homes4Good, they will assist the family in any way the state licensing standards and state regulations will allow.

Foster Care
Homes4Good recruits and verifies families with an interest in being a crusader in the effort to find a “forever family” for every waiting child in the state of Texas. Homes4Good offers services for Foster Care training, home study, certification, placement and post placement supervision.

Support Services
Homes4Good provides services designed for at-risk families and children and believes adoptive and foster parents play a crucial role in this task. Families are a catalyst of the Homes4Good mission and are considered a valuable part of the treatment team. They treat treat their families like the true agents of change provide the tools and support necessary to make a difference.
Homes4Good Support services include:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Training

  • 24 hr Support Team & Crisis Intervention

  • Competitive Financial Reimbursement

  • Therapy & Counseling for child and Families

  • Medical, Dental & Mental Health Services

Their websites is filled with a wide range of information and resources. Training and support meetings are well posted including maps and detailed information. The website is updated often and easy to navigate.

To learn more about the services and support offered for foster and adoptive parents and children in the state of Texas be sure to visit Homes4Good

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