Christine Mitchell - Author, Illustrator, and Mom!

The Adoptive Parents Network is all about information, resources and supporting Adoptive, foster, and special needs, parents and Christine Mitchell is an example of an Adoptive Parent we want to network with!

Christine Mitchell has written and illustrated:

  • Welcome Home, Forever Child

    • About Welcome Home, Forever Child:
      After expressing their excitement at welcoming their new child home, the parents acknowledge that they missed significant events and milestones in the child’s early years. The family then cheerfully looks forward to the experiences and ‘firsts’ they will share and the memories they will make together. Throughout the book, the parents promise to love, nurture, and protect their child. Finally, the family reiterates their joy at welcoming their Forever Child into his or her Forever Family.
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  • Handling Adoption Questions

    • This book includes a long list of some of the questions children may be asked and remarks they may hear. Parents can use the examples and some of the possible responses as a guide while talking about the issues with their son or daughter. The child’s age and adoption story will influence which situations and responses parents choose to explore with them.

    • Included in this Guide:

      • I.Strategies to Deflect or Decline Answering Questions
        A. Gain More Time to Decide How to Respond B. Decline to Answer the Question
        C. Deflect the Question to an Adult
        D. Explain That the Questions or Comment is Hurtful

        II. The Humorous Response - at Whose Expense?

        III.Questions Asked of Children
        A. General Adoption Questions
        B. Looking Different - Transracial Adoption Questions
        C. Older Child, Single Parent, Same-sex Couple and Grandparent Adoption Questions
        D.Handling Adoption Myths and Misconceptions

        IV. Questions Asked of Parents
        A. References to “Your Own Kids”, “Real Kids”,Etc.
        B. Questions About Birth Family History
        C. Questions Based on Misconceptions and Judgments

        V. Additional Considerations
        A. Transracial Adoptive Families
        B. Sibling Rivalry and Hurtful Adoption Remarks
        C. Teasing and Bullying
        D. Cyberbullying


  • Adoption and School Assignments: A Guide for Parents and Educators

    • This pamphlet makes a useful guide to help foster and adoptive parents advocate for their children while offering specific information about school assignments to educators so they may become more sensitive to the needs and issues of foster and adoptive children. Read More

The Adoptive Parents Network is proud to be connected with another parent making a difference and sharing with the rest of us! We look forward to connecting and networking more with Christine Mitchell and others.

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