EMK Press

EMK Press publishes books for adoptees, adoptive families, foster families, and adoption professionals. The EMK Press website offers resources, articles, and links for parents, teachers, social workers, adoption agencies, therapists and extended family.

EMK Press is owned by an Adoptive Parent, working with editors, contributors, and writers are from all parts of the triad: adoptee, birth parents, adoptive parents; all different ages; and all parts of the world.

Look forward to more about EMK Press at the Adoptive Parents Network website as we build our resources and other areas. APN is all about Networking with Other Parents (and professionals) and supporting families created by adoption. EMK Press fits completely with the Adoptive Parents Network.

Each book sold on the EMK Press helps to raise funding for a variety of adoption related charities. The book profits are used to generate the revenue needed to publish more books of the kinds adoptive parents and adoptees may find most helpful.

Stay tuned to the Adoptive Parents Network for much more about everyone at EMK Press!

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