Tip for Keeping Records

Every parent knows the headache paperwork can be. Immunization records, the documents for school and all the cute things our kids make, clutter the counter tops, and desks of most homes with children living in them.

Add anything "Special" to the mix and it just creates a New Pile! Sports, scouts, community classes and groups--all include Paper children bring home. If the something special happens to be a "special need" then papers become piles that are important. Not only important today, but maybe needed months or years down the line as well.

Organizing these piles of paper can be the most important thing parents of children with special needs could ever do! It's not uncommon to need papers from Past services, therapy, treatment or medication for documentation or for a new provider.

  • Tip #1 Make 3 copies of important documents:
    • Education documents, IEP's, Report Cars, Evaluations, Assessments, testing, and service goals.
    • Medical and Mental Health service agreements, provider information, diagnosis, discharge records, and medication records.
    • Legal documents, warnings, notices, and interventions.
    • Any paperwork that has information about, who provided and for what

  • Tip #2 File
    • One Master File with Original and One Cope
    • One Back-up Copy
    • One Working Copy

As documents are received it's easy to make the three copies and put them in the correct files. As the parent of special needs children I have learned the hard way once or twice and now make copies right away. Advocating for the needs of my children has often required me to document past services, diagnosis, and providers keeping the records has been half the battle and finding the records has been easy because we have kept everything!